Bright Pink Section
Pluto is a character from Disney whos original name was a rover. Rover usually refers to someone who wanders around yet in archery it is used to describe a long distant mark or target.  These targets are split into 5 colours but there are 6 sections that you hit on the target. Which is hit, outer, magpie, inner, bull, V. The target contains six points.  Disney contains six characters who were the original points of interest within the company.  The six characters were known as the sensational six. It included  Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto. The six characters helped Disney to become well known and for people to be excited about the company and the animations they would make.  sensational relates to sensation and sensation refers to sensory. Sensory being an impulse that causes excitement caused by one or all five senses. Extrasensory is sometimes called the sixth sense where someone gains knowledge by using the mind as a sensor instead of using the actual 5 senses.  Jainism religion teaches heavily in using this extrasensory as a way to connect with the universe and to become one with it.  It states that the universe is made up of six substances.  The Jainism symbol also has a part that is circular like a target. therefore the focus of this section is to join Disney and Jainism together with the idea of converting the Jainism symbol into a target shaped theme.  This target shaped theme will be filled with colours from the Disney characters.  Therefore the target won't be a target but a contemporary form/shape on paper that represents the unity between Disney and Jainism.
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Pluto colour scheme car design. Inspired by the Paul Smith Car accessories
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