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Orphism is an art style that is related to cubism but mainly focused on creating compositions of circular shapes/loops and bright colours. Key artists of this movement were Robert and Sofia Delaunay. Circular shapes or loops in the artwork can be described as endless as if the colours are joined to create a continuous shape. The shape is the entire piece of art. These pieces are almost patterned like.  As it happens Sofia actually created fashion/textile pieces that were Orphism themed but more of a  patterned structure.  Because of how patterns can be endless I wanted to explore where pattens had been used to create an endless shape or loop, something circular without an end. Yet not in art or fashion but some other media type. What I found or I should say came across is Polynesian tattoos. The tattoo style consists of rings/curved shapes wrapped around different areas of the body filled with tribal patterns. The concept of endless being shown in the media is vast in contents. hence the tattooed Polynesian rings are completely opposite to the Orphism loops but they both display endless in their contrasting styles.  Anyway, I wanted to join them together but I wasn't sure in what context.  Well, Polynesian refers to a group of people. part of this population lives in Hawaii. Therefore I started to research what Hawaii is well known for.  I found a film by luck that focuses on the belief that if someone had enough time on their hands they could follow the summer season around the world, making the season endless.  The idea for the film was to explore this idea and what it meant. The bloke who made the film, Bruce Brown, was a keen surfer who interpreted the meaning of the belief as if you would be chasing the summer.  Therefore the film he made, The endless summer, was about capturing the summer by surfing in multiple places around the world. With the hypothetical idea that each place is connected by an endless wave and if you were able to surf in the place meant you have captured summer. Hence the wave in each place around the world would represent the summer season in each place.  Hawaii is well known for surfing ( it appears in the film) so I included the film in the section with the idea of joining the Polynesian tattoos and Orphism together to create surfboard graphics.
Below are my own concepts. Which I would describe as a polyorphism style (Polynesian and orphism joined together)
I thought by watching the film endless summer I would become inspired to edit my own concepts further but I wasn't. But I became interested in the movie poster and I made the choice of including that style of graphics into my own concepts.  By doing so I was able to transform the concepts so that they no longer looked like orphism or Polynesian anymore. 
poly-summer-orphism surfboards
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